Business, Administrative & Contact Information

a. Business name: Paradigm Engineering Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.
b. Business type: Private company
c. Company registration number: 163425/073/074
d. Tax reference number: 606001292
e. VAT number: 606001292
f. Tel: 096-690730
g. Fax: 606001292
h. E-mail:
i. Cell: 9868428452 | 9801728649
j. Physical address: Dhangadi, Kailai
k. Postal Address: Dhangadi, Kailai
l. Docex Address: Dhangadi, Kailai

Banking details:

Bank: Mega Bank Private Limited
Branch: Dhangadi, Kailai
Account number: 01-600-100-40-925
Branch code: .......
Account manager: .......
Account manager details: .......

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Contact Us

Address : Bhimdatta Hwy,
Dhangadhi 10900, Nepal


Call us @ +977-9868428452
OR +977-9801728649

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